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Lifestyle Portraits… their essence, they capture real life. Usually this means in your own home. Your family being themselves. Though I think once a year (maybe twice)

you should invest in high quality custom portraits be it Lifestyle (families that love board games, can do a board game theme…families who love cooking together, can easily do a cooking session, etc….) or traditional. BUT what about the rest of the year? Can we do periodic lifestyle sessions in our own home? The answer is yes. What would it be? Capturing your children being themselves…..cuddled with a favorite lovie (maybe even sucking their thumb), surrounded by legos or blocks or even what I did….capturing them playing dress up.

A couple weeks ago (when everyone was healthy), my girls lost all electronic entertainment (& yes, I should do this more often on a regular basis, but talk to me when we are all 100% healthy, lol) & ended up playing upstairs in their room….they were playing dress up. They came across Kylie’s Supergirl costumes from Halloween this year & were having a blast playing superheroes. So, I grabbed my camera & captured a few shots. They loved it, I loved it & I have photos capturing them as they are….at this time. I will never get this time back & I want to remember it. Treasure it…….

I recommend all of you do the same. Capture your kids being themselves. Playing a favorite game, having fun, running around outside (ok, maybe not today as it’s currently below freezing), exploring…..being kids & being themselves. Messy hair, food all over their faces, completely themselves (& yes, my girls covered both of those). Life is short. We need to love with all we can, capture as many of these moments & make as many memories as we can with this beautiful little creatures God gave us.

Now grab your camera & capture some memories (often, this can be even better if you can capture them when they don’t know you are doing it…., but I have never perfected my ninja skills, so my girls always know). 😉

To view lifestyle sessions I have shot check out Anzli’s session. To view more of my work or to find out about scheduling a special Lifestyle session for your family, head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website! To keep up with all things going on at MCP, sneak peeks & more, be sure to like us on Facebook!



Lifestyle Portraits near Lake City FL


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