The newest family addition… sweet niece Jacksonville Beach FL Newborn Portrait Photographer | Jacksonville Beach FL Newborn Portraits

Late last month my sweet niece Abigail made her debut. Even though everyone except my girls thought she was going to be a boy, we were all very excited to have another girl to spoil (they have the best clothes & accessories…we all know it’s true). Early this month, on my sister in law’s birthday, I was able to capture some wonderful newborn portraits of her. No naked poses as no matter how asleep she was, if we unwrapped her from being swaddled, she got upset. So swaddled it was. Each baby is different & enjoys different poses, etc… so you adapt. The images were still so very sweet & a big improvement over the newborn photos of my nephew from back in 2010 when I first started. Seriously,  check out the difference:

Learning is growing

I already miss her little face & we all know I didn’t mind holding her awhile (& can’t wait to do it again). I am so excited to capture her as she grows up…just as I have with my nephew. It’s nice having adorable children you are related to to practice on. 😉 (including my own girls of course)

Congratulations again Logan & Ginny & big brother Austin!



Newborn Portraits in Jacksonville Beach FL

To view another recent newborn session from the blog click here. To find out more about booking a newborn session for your newest addition head to the Melody Coarsey Photography Website.  To see upcoming sneaks of infant, child & family portraits be sure to like us on Facebook!


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