Look Who’s 2 :: A Diva in Training <3 Lake City FL Child Portrait Photographer | Child Portraits in Lake City FL

Earlier this month I captured this adorable red haired beauty. Seriously, she’s a 2 year old with one of the best communication skills I have seen! So talkative & so fun. Filled with attitude, excitement & all things wonderful about being 2.  Her mom was listing to me the outfits she had so we decided on a 3 in 1 session…..One for her love of books, one for her love of the Gators (Go Gators!) & one for her little divaliciousness… 😉

They turned out awesome & she did amazing! Laughing & playing & just having a good time. Which always makes for great portraits.  Such a little darling!

Thank you so much Ferris clan for sharing your little beauty (ok, so she’s my sisters niece on the other side…so it’s kinda like family & Kylie loves her…but what’s not to love?) If you enjoyed this post be sure to comment, share it, tweet it or even Pin it! To find out about booking a session for your future 2 year old or the little diva in your house head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website!


MelodyNorth Central FL Photographer


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