Sweet Miss Lila is 6 Months Jacksonville FL Photographer | Jacksonville FL Infant Photographer

Earlier this summer I met up with Miss Lila…I had capture her parents while they were waiting on her arrival & even got to trek to the hospital to meet her. 😉 But I LOVE watching these babies grow. 

She is the happiest, smiliest baby I have seen since Kylie was little. So sweet, so silly, so perfection.  ❤ Her session was supposed to be beachside, but due to a storm we were moved inside to a lifestyle session. I think it worked out beautifully as her room had lots of light & beautiful colors to make for adorable portraits. 

Thank you so much Moore family for letting me capture Miss Lila again!

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A Glimpse to the Future…. Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Portrait Photographer

I have hinted here & there about some changes coming to MCP. Well, today, July 1st seems like the perfect time to tell you those changes.

Are these pricing changes? Not really. Am I shutting it all down? Of course not. I truly love photography & capturing memories for all my wonderful & amazing clients. So what’s the big change then? Many of you know I was a Kindergarten teacher before I had my oldest, Cayden. After the birth of Kylie, I got a camera & the love affair began. A year later, I started this little business to share what I love & make a little extra to help around the house, but always thinking once Kylie was in preschool I would go back to teaching.

As the girls got older, I started wondering if I could make this a business that could thrive. That could be a career & (though not make as much as teaching), be something that could be long term. So, I pushed. I tried. I Marketed, I read, watched blogs & webinars to improve my techniques & marketing as well. I did everything to see what would happen….

Am I busier? Oh yes. More than ever. This past month was the first time that the summer was as busy as the Fall, which was crazy. I feel so blessed & thankful for allowing this thing I enjoyed that God gave me, to turn into a way to bless others & help my family. But did it all work? Well, no. I quickly realized I would have to raise my prices OR take on more work to make it as profitable as my first ever job (before the 19.1% taxes I pay that is). I knew raising prices would result in the same amount I’m making now, but less clients which wouldn’t help. I also knew that working more wasn’t an option. This isn’t a 9-5, Monday through Friday job. It’s nights & weekends shooting, then weekdays (& often weekends) editing, practicing, Marketing, designing & of course accounting. It does put a strain on the family as we feel there’s not time for us to do family activities & taking on more work, though I would get closer to the business goals, I would move further from my personal family goals so I would be miserable & highly stressed. (sorry this is so long…..it’s hard to write since it is so personal)

So, come August I will once again be teaching. This way I do another job I enjoy that pays the bills & helps us get a new roof, etc… while still doing what I love on the side. And I may end up taking lots of pics of my little class…big surprise right?  😉

How big will this change be? Well, instead of 3 sessions a week, there will be 3-4 sessions a month. YES, there will be Christmas Minis & Easter Minis & probably some during the summer. So do not fear! 😉  But with the limited number of monthly openings I had to figure out a fair way to schedule it all. So, I decided my Baby Plan Babes & their families will get first pick (as they have a package guaranteeing them portraits that month). After that, open dates will be available to past clients (those who have been photographed by me before July 31st, 2013) for booking. Finally, any additional openings will be new for clients.  Jacksonville Clients will be almost as they are now since I will still only be in Jacksonville once a month. So, your availability is based on that. (Minis will be Past Clients first then New Clients in booking order) Senior Portrait Clients will also be in there & as they are all new, they will booked as they inquire & treated the same as past clients.  Obviously, summer months will be different as I will be able to book more sessions & therefore have more availability to all.

What does this mean? If you are someone who has wanted to book with MCP, but not done it yet, THIS MONTH IS YOUR CHANCE! TO be considered a “Past Client” I would have had to photograph your little one or family by July 31st, 2013.  If you have family or friends who have wanted to book let them know, now’s the time! I have limited availability, but I will do what I can to get those in.

I am SO thankful & blessed to all of you for making these past 3 years wonderful & I look forward to capturing more memories in the upcoming years (albeit less than before)……

Till next time,

**And because this is a photography blog, some shots of my sweet niece. 😉 Figured a Monday needed cuteness to soften the blow. 😉

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Baby Plan Babe turns 6 Months Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Photographer

Last month I caught up with one of my baby plan babes to capture his 6 month portraits. I LOVE watching these babies grow. When it’s time for their next session to come around I think I am as surprised as their parents that they have already grown that much! We decided to meet on his mother’s family property (where we captured her Maternity portraits). Gorgeous property, gorgeous light & even though he was ever so serious, Mr. K’s blue eyes sparkled & his faces made for lots of laughs. Such a doll.

If you are interested in capturing your little one’s milestone months alone or as part of a Baby Plan you can find out all the information on the Melody Coarsey Photography website or by using the contact form at the bottom of the page. 😉 To see all upcoming sneaks of newborns, Maternity sessions, precious little ones, couples & more be sure to like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter!

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Happy, Happy Birthday to Me! Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Child Portrait Photographer

Today is my birthday!! I don’t feel 34 (many days I feel older, lol), but to celebrate I wanted to give something to ALL OF YOU! And I even changed it a bit from what I said on the newsletter. 😉 Why? Because I felt this was more appropriate.

To celebrate ALL session packages of $200 or more (of any kind, maternity, Newborn, family, Child, Themed, etc..) booked from today through April 30th for a May through August portrait session…

Savings on Professional Portrait Photographer in Jacksonville FL

It’s an odd number, but it’s my new age & I gotta embrace it right? This is for new sessions booked only & cannot be used towards sessions already booked.  To book your portrait session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website or you can email me directly at: melody@melodycoarseyphotography.com

Thank you all & have a wonderful (albeit rainy) day!


Twice the Fun, Look Who’s 1! Newberry FL Family Portrait Photographer | Newberry FL First Birthday Photographer

Early last month I was honored to capture the 1st birthday party of two adorable little sweeties. Their dad is a photographer as well, so this was even more of an honor, as he didn’t want to be behind the camera the whole party, but enjoy it instead.

Yummy food, beautiful traditional Korean outfits, cake & a bounce house! What could be better?

Thank you so much Davidson family for allowing me to capture this special time for you!

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Baby Plan Babe turns 9 months :: Hunter Jacksonville Beach FL Family Photographer | Jacksonville Beach FL Infant Portrait Photographer

Earlier this month I met up with one of my Baby Plan Babes for his 9 month session. To do something a little different for them I brought the studio to their home in Jacksonville Beach. The blue background brought out his blue eyes & the gorgeous natural light provided perfect conditions for wonderful photos.

I absolutely LOVE getting the chance to watch these little ones grow. I am almost as shocked as the parent’s when it’s time to meet again. It goes by so fast. Being able to capture a Baby’s first year….a time where they change each month…grow a little more, learn a little more, love a little more. It’s beautiful.


As I realized Hunter’s big brother was turning 3 that week we grabbed a few of just him as well. Which he did awesome for….once I got him making all kinds of different faces. 😉

Thank you so much Dykes family for allowing me to capture your handsome boys.

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Look Who’s 1 :: Tori’s Candy Shoppe Lake City FL Child Portraits | Lake City FL First Birthday Portrait Photographer

Early in January I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a First Birthday party. I love doing this as it’s relaxed for the family & child. Plus, mom doesn’t have to worry about carrying a camera around & capturing every moment….because I’m there to do that for her! 😉

Tori’s mom went all out with her Candy Shoppe theme. Even having daddy build the cutest little Candy stand covered in sweet treats. Decked out in hot pink, Tori’s blue eyes shown as she celebrated with everyone. Granted, she was a sleepy girl when cupcake time came, but she still enjoyed that cupcake. 😉

Thank you so much Sheely family for allowing me to capture this special day for you!

As always to see more of my work or find out about scheduling your Family Portraits or First Birthday Portrait Session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website! To keep up with all things going on at MCP, including upcoming Minis, sneak peeks & more be sure to “like” us on Facebook!



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Look Who’s One! Lake City FL First Birthday Photographer | Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer

One of my last sessions of 2012 was the first birthday session of this adorable little man….

Newborn Portrait Photographer

I have been photographing him since his parents were patiently waiting his arrival. 😉 It’s so great to be able to watch clients’ children grow. Grow from sweet little newborn babes into silly, loving, crawling & walking cuties & up into crazy, active toddlers. I am truly blessed.

Jacob’s birthday was Cookie Monster themed, so we definitely brought in blue to accent that. His mom made the adorable cake (even if he was not fond of being messy to enjoy it, lol) & brought his Cookie Monster doll. All together makes for a very cute & sweet session.

Thank you so much Smith family for once again allowing me to capture your family & this timeless memories. Happy Birthday Jacob!

To view more of my work or find out how to schedule a smash cake session for your little one head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website. To keep up with all that’s going on here, as well as sneak peeks, Mini session announcements & more be sure to like us on Facebook!



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Smash Cake Session

2012 in Review Slideshow…. Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Family Portrait Photographer | Child Portrait Photographer

It’s New Year’s Eve!! I just wanted to take a second to share a little slideshow I call “2012 in Review“.    I couldn’t fit ALL my favorites from 2012 (trust me it was VERY hard to choose what to & not to put in there…It took me 2 hours to make, lol).  Just to thank ALL of my clients from 2012!  I am so blessed to have met each & every one of you!

Thank you all so much! I hope each of you have a wonderful New Years Eve & New Years Day! Here’s to 2013!



**If you didn’t click the link above you can also click the link here to get the slideshow. 😉

Looking ahead to 2013…… Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Photographer in Lake City, FL

Photographer in Lake City, FL Can you believe it’s Dec. 31st? Tomorrow will be the beginning of a whole new year. A time where we reflect on 2012…what we did right & what we did wrong. For me it’s both personally & for my business. I LOVED meeting all the clients I have had the opportunity to photograph in 2012, as well as the opportunity to again photograph families who have been with me from the beginning (or even the middle) of my business life. I smile just thinking about how blessed I truly am. I am excited to see just what 2013 has in store!

As many of you know, I did do a price increase for 2013. Some of you may be upset, or wondering why or thinking some other things about it. I can tell you the short version of why it had to happen. One of the main goals for 2013 I am setting is trying to see if I can make this an ACTUAL business…i.e. profitable (not match what I would make teaching, just enough to value the time away from my family whether it be editing, Marketing or shooting a session). To actually be able to pay bills, save money (pay the taxes), allow my girls to do dance & gymnastics (or whatever hobby they decide at that time), cover my business expenses & maybe even cover the cost of education towards furthering my skills. I do believe my work has improved greatly (anyone who has been following me for any length of time will agree). I strive to provide quality, customer service & ART of your family to display in your home. Capture memories you can treasure. Capture your little ones as they are, being real, at whatever age they are currently. Photos you will be able to look back on & remember with a smile while you put together their Senior Memory Page or even the slideshow for their wedding. I LOVE photography. I LOVE my job….but my love for my job doesn’t override my love for my family, so I have to keep things in perspective.

I have MANY other goals for 2013. A workshop of course is one of them business wise, write more blog posts that are not just photos (like the “things to do” & crafts) & more personal goals like focusing on my family & actually enjoying my girls being with me most the day as next year my oldest starts Kindergarten & that time will be gone. Focusing on God to make sure I am following his path for me. As well as focusing on me (which every mom feels like is the worst thing you can do, but I have learned it is actually the best). I will take up running (which I hate, so cheer me on for that part), do something about the Meneries disease (either through God’s healing, steroid shots or surgery) & try to eat even healthier.

I may fail. Which would mean this July or August there would be a blog post about shutting it down (well, decreasing SEVERELY as I go back to teaching as I could never truly give up photography). It’s in God’s hands. Enough about me, I think all of you should look at more meaningful goals than just losing weight (the #1 Resolution in America)…..Write them as GOALS, not a resolution. Review them often. Make Family Goals & Personal Goals. If your children are old enough you can make the family goals together to try & hold each other accountable.  We will also be starting a “Blessings Jar” tomorrow. So that we can write things on paper & put them into the jar to review at the end of the year (or any time we need to remember how blessed we are). The big & little things (as to our children it’s all BIG things & I need to remember that too). You can call the jar whatever you want, I just like Blessings. 😉  No matter what 2013 brings, I will be blessed. I am blessed. For all those I have met. For all those I will meet this year. So, I wish all of you a VERY Happy New Year and a VERY Happy & blessed 2013!