Sweet Miss Lila is 6 Months Jacksonville FL Photographer | Jacksonville FL Infant Photographer

Earlier this summer I met up with Miss Lila…I had capture her parents while they were waiting on her arrival & even got to trek to the hospital to meet her. 😉 But I LOVE watching these babies grow. 

She is the happiest, smiliest baby I have seen since Kylie was little. So sweet, so silly, so perfection.  ❤ Her session was supposed to be beachside, but due to a storm we were moved inside to a lifestyle session. I think it worked out beautifully as her room had lots of light & beautiful colors to make for adorable portraits. 

Thank you so much Moore family for letting me capture Miss Lila again!

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Miss M :: 18 days new Jacksonville FL Newborn Portraits | Jacksonville FL Newborn Portrait Photographer

Last month I met up with a tiny little doll at her home for her newborn portraits. Though she wanted to be awake for the first hour or more, she was content listening to the rain & letting me take her portraits. I don’t think she got fussy until she got hungry, she was that sweet. Once she gave in to sleep we were able to capture some wonderful portraits of her sweet self. She was like a little doll. Easy to work with, & just so perfect.  Have I mentioned I love my job? ❤

Thank you so much to the Cathey family for allowing me to capture your beautiful newest addition. And her extra big smiles she gave when daddy kissed her (her mom & I about died when that happened…so sweet).

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Happy, Happy Birthday to Me! Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Child Portrait Photographer

Today is my birthday!! I don’t feel 34 (many days I feel older, lol), but to celebrate I wanted to give something to ALL OF YOU! And I even changed it a bit from what I said on the newsletter. 😉 Why? Because I felt this was more appropriate.

To celebrate ALL session packages of $200 or more (of any kind, maternity, Newborn, family, Child, Themed, etc..) booked from today through April 30th for a May through August portrait session…

Savings on Professional Portrait Photographer in Jacksonville FL

It’s an odd number, but it’s my new age & I gotta embrace it right? This is for new sessions booked only & cannot be used towards sessions already booked.  To book your portrait session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website or you can email me directly at: melody@melodycoarseyphotography.com

Thank you all & have a wonderful (albeit rainy) day!


Look Who’s 2 :: Handsome Vince Jacksonville FL Family Portrait Photographer | Jacksonville Child Portrait Photographer

Earlier this month I got to meet up with a wonderful & very well dressed family, that I have known since Vince was still waiting to be born! And now he’s two! Even though these are not my children, I watch them grow up & it still amazes me how they change, grow & of course I am shocked when parents ask about a “2 year session” as it feels like yesterday they were born! 😉 I feel blessed when families keep coming back to me. Allowing me to capture these milestones in their lives.

We decided for something different we would do downtown Jacksonville! I remembered a neat Candy Store that had gorgeous colors (to match Mr. V’s beautiful eyes), then we headed to downtown Jax for a more Urban feel. Granted, Mr. V wasn’t in a photography mood & kept asking when he would leave, giving me no smiles & deciding I was in charge of this whole thing taking me by the hand or having me hold him as he asked when he could leave (which was about the cutest thing ever).  But with his so serious face & fab style, the session turned out very GQ & was still wonderful.

Jacksonville FL Birthday Portrait Photographer

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Waiting……… Jacksonville Beach FL Maternity Photographer | Jacksonville Beach FL Maternity Portraits

Earlier this month I photographed my wonderful sister in law while she was waiting for her newest addition….of course, then we had no idea whether it was a boy or girl & we all thought boy (& BOY were we wrong as sweet Abigail made her debut Monday).

I love capturing these moments for all my clients, but of course, I love being able to do it for my family as well…and probably more. The newest little addition to our family, that I could love, hold, cherish & not have to get up in the middle of the night with. Perfect for me! 😉

Ginny looked gorgeous & Austin did awesome….especially as all he wanted to do was run & play. Typical 2 year old…& all boy 2 year old. 😉

I am honored each time a client or friend allows me to capture them with my camera. To capture a special moment or event. Something that will never be again….a child’s 1st birthday (or 2nd or 3rd), Maternity portraits, Newborn portraits, family portraits as our families change so quickly. Children grow, time moves on & these moments are capture forever. Being able to capture my own children is wonderful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to document their newborn stage professionally, BUT I sure can do it with my niece!!

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Baby Plan Babe turns 9 months :: Hunter Jacksonville Beach FL Family Photographer | Jacksonville Beach FL Infant Portrait Photographer

Earlier this month I met up with one of my Baby Plan Babes for his 9 month session. To do something a little different for them I brought the studio to their home in Jacksonville Beach. The blue background brought out his blue eyes & the gorgeous natural light provided perfect conditions for wonderful photos.

I absolutely LOVE getting the chance to watch these little ones grow. I am almost as shocked as the parent’s when it’s time to meet again. It goes by so fast. Being able to capture a Baby’s first year….a time where they change each month…grow a little more, learn a little more, love a little more. It’s beautiful.


As I realized Hunter’s big brother was turning 3 that week we grabbed a few of just him as well. Which he did awesome for….once I got him making all kinds of different faces. 😉

Thank you so much Dykes family for allowing me to capture your handsome boys.

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You’re An Instagram Pro! Now What? Lake City FL Photographer | Lake City FL Family Photographer

If you’re like me & almost everyone else in the world today your iPhone or Android goes EVERYWHERE….& it has become your new “go to camera”. Shot of the kids before school, shot of the awesome meal you’re about to eat (aka Food Porn), shot of the kids at the park, the zoo, Disney World, the beach or just because they’re cute. I’m sure if you looked you would be surprised by just how many photos you are snapping with your phone.

Many of those photos are snapped through Instagram (if you’re on there you can follow me #melodycoarsey).  I LOVE using Instagram….mainly because it’s a camera,  quick photo editor (yes, I have my fave actions I use repeatedly) & photo share service all in one. Easy peezy. So, now that you use Instagram like a pro & flood it with photos of food, your kiddos & girls night, what do you DO with those photos?? Leave them forever out in cyberspace? Print them as 4×6’s (you could, but they may be grainy & that’s just boring, lol)….Well, luckily some ingenious companies have come up with lots of fun ideas to how to print, save & share your Instagram photos in a whole new way!

1) There is a company from the Netherlands called ixxi. (to read all about them click here) Basically, you can give them ANY images (Instagram or otherwise) & they will allow to use their templates to create wall art. So you can choose your fave 4 Instagram photos, print them & hang them as a collage (from what I can tell all prints are square prints only, but there may be links I didn’t explore that offers more).

5 Things to Do with your Instagram Photos


2) You can turn your Instagram photos into Canvas Wall art, greeting cards, iPhone cases & more using Instacanvas. (to check out their website click here) What special way to say Thank you grandma for the gift than an Instagram photo of your child wearing or using the gift as the Thank you card (combine old school snail mail with new school Instagram…sweet right?)  On their site they have gift ideas for all ages, a link telling you about all the hottest gifts they have & more. It’s pretty awesome I do have to say. 😉

5 things to do with your Instagram Photos

3) This idea I LOVE & am so doing for myself for Mother’s Day with my fave Instagram shots….you can take your fave photos & turn them into books using Printsagram (to check out the website click here). So cute!!!! A tiny little book to scroll through while waiting at the doctor’s office, to share with others at parties, etc.. all filled with your fave Instagram photos….I love it (& right now they have a sale 3 books for $10, sweet right?  I may have to make & order 3 tonight after I do my girls photos). 😉



4) What about taking your fave photos & turning them into magnets?? What an awesome gift for a wedding couple, new baby or just for Grandma! Just head to Stickygram (check out the website by clicking here) & place an order! They come in sheets, so it’s even more fun & they also have a special right now, $14.99 per sheet of 9 magnets. 😉
StickyGram-What to do with Instagram Photos


5) Lastly for something funky & unique turn your fave photos into a pillow! Stitchtagram will do just that (to head to the website click here).

Stitchtagram-Ways to Print your Instagram Photos


I hope this gives you a few ideas of fun things to do with those photos! Just like CDs you get from your photographer DON’T LET THEM STAY ON YOUR PHONE FOREVER! Get those puppies out where you can share & enjoy them! 😉

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How do I display my portraits as Art?? Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Photographer

Do often walk by walls at your home & KNOW something needs to go there to make it better but you don’t know what? Or, you had an amazing portrait session, you LOVE your images, but have NO idea how to display them in your home outside of buying a few 8×10 frames from WalMart & hanging them?

Well a NEW OFFERING in 2013 is the ability to do an after session consultation with me. You can bring a photo of the wall in your home that needs something & I can give you options of how to make it amazing with your favorite images from your session! If you know in advance you are wanting to do this, you can even give me the image of the wall(s) before the session & then I will SHOOT IMAGES TO FIT THE WALL. Meaning, I will plan & coordinate images I shoot & how I shoot knowing the wall space they will fill. Colors & everything!

For example, you have a wall above a couch…that currently has a large mirror & maybe a candle sconce on either side….but you want more…..what about this?

How to display your family portraits

Or, the space above your bed is huge….& empty….you have no idea what to put there…..but maybe this can give you an idea…..How to Display Family Portraits in your home

With frames (including fabulous Luxe frames from The Willow Tree which means FREE Shipping for all of you lovely peeps) or Canvas collages. I can help you decide what images would look best, what size & what layout fits you, the space & the goal.

The end result….your favorite images are displayed as ART on your walls for all to see (which is so much prettier than on the disk I give you right?) and you didn’t have to do it alone!

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Waiting for Pink…… Jacksonville FL Maternity Photographer | Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

In December I got to meet a wonderful couple. Nicole used to be the nanny for my nephew & is such a sweet girl. We were not quite sure little Lila was going to make it till her session (& the night before they thought they were done), but she waited & I was able to capture some portraits of her glowing mother & wonderful father.

The weather was perfect. Overcast, which you wouldn’t think as perfect except it provide perfect lighting at the park & then the beach was filled with fog. It was GORGEOUS. Seriously, if I wasn’t shooting I would have grabbed a cup of coffee & just enjoyed the beauty. It was that awesome. All of those things combined with a beautiful colorful dress on Nicole made for stunning portraits (yes, Jonathan looked good too, but it’s all about the mommy to be right? lol).

Thank you so much Moore family for allowing me to capture this wonderful memory! And congrats again on sweet Lila…she’s beautiful….(& yes, I included one shot I did when I happened to run up to the hospital with my sister in law after Lila made her debut….I couldn’t say no to seeing another new life).

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Christmas at the Beach…… Jacksonville Beach Family Photographer | Ponte Vedra Beach Family Photographer

Early in December I met up with another family who I have been photographing for almost 2 years now. I LOVE watching families grow….photographing time & time again. It always makes me feel like apart of the family. I become interested in watching the kids grow & change. Starting to walk, talk, heading to school, etc….

We met at one of my favorite beaches for shooting in Ponte Vedra Beach on a gorgeous morning. A little windy, but otherwise perfect. Big brother Ben was all boy & made me work for it, but he did AWESOME. Little Alice of course as a doll who posed some for me. 😉

Thank you so much Poynton family for allowing me to yet again capture your family! To view more of my family portrait sessions or find out how to book your session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website! To keep up with any changes, giveaways & Mini Sessions be sure to “like” us on Facebook!



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