Waiting on Luke…… Lake City FL Maternity Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Maternity Portraits

This week you will get to see sneaks of little Luke at only 15 days old (& he rocked it!), but before that why not look back to when his parents & big brother were waiting on his arrival. One of my favorite Maternity sessions to date. Gorgeous location, gorgeous momma to be & I loved the colors she styled them in!

O’Leno State Park is one of my favorite places to shoot simply because of how beautiful it is (we are so lucky to live so close) & how I often get to see wildlife when shooting…including a baby deer.  I am always happy when clients want to shoot there as I know I can get a variety of backgrounds & poses for the session. 😉

Thank you so much Jordan family & congratulations again!

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Maternity Photographer near High Springs FL

Maternity Photographer in Lake City FL


Waiting for blue….. Lake City FL Maternity Portraits | Lake City FL Maternity Portrait Photographer

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Jane & Ben while they were waiting for their precious little boy. We met at O’Leno & as Ben let the Civil Engineer inside himself love the bridge, we capture some wonderful photos & had fun.

Maternity portraits are some of my favorites as these momma’s to be just glow & are extra gorgeous as they await the new arrival.

“A baby is God’s way of saying that life should go on.” ❤

Thank you Ben & Jane for allowing me to capture this special time in your life.

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Lake City FL Maternity Portraits

Mr. Colton :: 14 Days New Jacksonville Beach FL Newborn

Early last month I got to meet an adorable little guy who is lucky enough to have two amazing parents (who are also good friends of ours) & a fantastic big brother.

I have to say the light coming through two large windows facing the beach even on a rainy day was amazing. Even wide awake, Colton was relaxed & happy. Such a doll.

I am so lucky to be able to capture these little newbies after they enter the world. It’s an amazing job for sure. ❤

Thank you Frauenheim Family!

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Jacksonville Beach Newborn Portrait Photographer

Miss M :: 18 days new Jacksonville FL Newborn Portraits | Jacksonville FL Newborn Portrait Photographer

Last month I met up with a tiny little doll at her home for her newborn portraits. Though she wanted to be awake for the first hour or more, she was content listening to the rain & letting me take her portraits. I don’t think she got fussy until she got hungry, she was that sweet. Once she gave in to sleep we were able to capture some wonderful portraits of her sweet self. She was like a little doll. Easy to work with, & just so perfect.  Have I mentioned I love my job? ❤

Thank you so much to the Cathey family for allowing me to capture your beautiful newest addition. And her extra big smiles she gave when daddy kissed her (her mom & I about died when that happened…so sweet).

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Jacksonville FL Newborn Portrait Photographer

Happy, Happy Birthday to Me! Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Child Portrait Photographer

Today is my birthday!! I don’t feel 34 (many days I feel older, lol), but to celebrate I wanted to give something to ALL OF YOU! And I even changed it a bit from what I said on the newsletter. 😉 Why? Because I felt this was more appropriate.

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Savings on Professional Portrait Photographer in Jacksonville FL

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Waiting for Pink…… Jacksonville FL Maternity Photographer | Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

In December I got to meet a wonderful couple. Nicole used to be the nanny for my nephew & is such a sweet girl. We were not quite sure little Lila was going to make it till her session (& the night before they thought they were done), but she waited & I was able to capture some portraits of her glowing mother & wonderful father.

The weather was perfect. Overcast, which you wouldn’t think as perfect except it provide perfect lighting at the park & then the beach was filled with fog. It was GORGEOUS. Seriously, if I wasn’t shooting I would have grabbed a cup of coffee & just enjoyed the beauty. It was that awesome. All of those things combined with a beautiful colorful dress on Nicole made for stunning portraits (yes, Jonathan looked good too, but it’s all about the mommy to be right? lol).

Thank you so much Moore family for allowing me to capture this wonderful memory! And congrats again on sweet Lila…she’s beautiful….(& yes, I included one shot I did when I happened to run up to the hospital with my sister in law after Lila made her debut….I couldn’t say no to seeing another new life).

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Jacksonville FL Maternity Portrait Photographer

2012 in Review Slideshow…. Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Family Portrait Photographer | Child Portrait Photographer

It’s New Year’s Eve!! I just wanted to take a second to share a little slideshow I call “2012 in Review“.    I couldn’t fit ALL my favorites from 2012 (trust me it was VERY hard to choose what to & not to put in there…It took me 2 hours to make, lol).  Just to thank ALL of my clients from 2012!  I am so blessed to have met each & every one of you!

Thank you all so much! I hope each of you have a wonderful New Years Eve & New Years Day! Here’s to 2013!



**If you didn’t click the link above you can also click the link here to get the slideshow. 😉

{Welcome little one……} Lake City, FL Newborn Photographer | Newborn Portrait Photographer

A couple weeks back I finally got to meet an adorable little man. So precious & sweet as all newborns are. I did his mother’s maternity photos, so I was VERY excited when I got the text he was on his way! 🙂 He did great & we learned he does in fact enjoy a pacifier (though he prefers mom/dad’s fingers).  Every time I have a precious newborn to photograph it gets my mind going on another baby for our own…(then my youngest has a tantrum & I realize I’m good. )

Thank you SOOO much Miller family for sharing this little man with me! I cannot wait to photograph his 3 months, 6 months, 9 months & 1 year sessions!  They will all fly by so fast. Watching little ones grow is such a blessing. Capturing them with my camera is even more so.

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Lake City, FL Newborn Portrait Photographer

{Evan :: 6 days new} Lake City, FL Newborn Portraits | Lake City, FL Newborn Portrait Photographer

Newborn Photos

I LOVE photographing newborns. They are always so sweet, so perfect & so precious. Each time it I do it I get baby fever….bad (but, my 3 year old tends to take care of that quickly when I’m done). How can you not love your job when you get to look at faces like these??Lake City, FL Newborn Portraits

Sweet Evan was brought to me by his parents & they were wonderful. Didn’t get every shot we wanted (I don’t know why Newborns don’t just let you do whatever you want to them while they sleep soundly…I mean do they really need to eat??? note: complete sarcasm, lol), but he did wonderful. Such a doll & when he was asleep he was perfection.

It had been awhile since I had gotten the opportunity to photography a newborn (to see my last newborn check out her adorable blog post) & as always I was a little nervous, but he made the job easy for sure.North Florida Portrait Photographer

Though we wanted to fit him into the pocket dad’s U.S. Navy fatigues, he wouldn’t not sleep soundly after eating so we photographed dad holding him wear his cap. Still a darling photo.Newborn portraits

I just want to thank the Saperstein family for bringing Evan in to see me & thank Adam for his service to our country & Rosa for holding down the fort while he’s stationed away. I always have so much respect for military members & their families. It is a calling for sure & a selfless one at that.Newborn Photographer

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MelodyNewborn & Family Photographer

{Growing is learning…..} Lake City, FL Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photography

As time goes on I learn. We all learn. Especially if it’s about a subject we like or LOVE. I love photography. I love capturing families, children, newborns for my clients so they can always remember that moment. That time, before it slipped away.

Every once in awhile I see an old photo I did & think, “what was I thinking??”. As how I do things now, is not how I did then. I have learned, improved, honed my craft. Which helps me provide higher quality photos. I realize, not everyone can tell the difference between one smiling photo of their kid & another (as we all love our kids), so I wanted to share how I have grown. Where I started til now (& maybe one in the middle).  Continually improving, so I can offer the highest quality, timeless photos you can treasure forever. Not a photo you will look back on & think “wow, that was done in 2005…look at that  “(insert trendy editing technique possible in Photoshop &/or PicNic)”. A photo instead, that yes your child was then 2 & is now 12 is older, but timeless in the color, location, everything (excluding clothes because hey, trends change, lol). 🙂

**NOTE: I LOVED these photos when I took them. There are still parts of them I love (namely the people in them), but technically (photographer speaking) there are some things I did wrong. They were the best I was capable of at that time. I still thank & love these families for allowing me to capture them & their children. This is a comparison MY skill only in both knowing how to use my camera & editing (which when knowing how to use your camera there’s a lot less editing). ❤ ❤


Melody Coarsey Photography Then vs. Now


Melody Coarsey Photography Then vs. Now


Children Then & Now

(Yes, at one point I did the whole one color thing…….man)



Melody Coarsey Photography Then vs. Now

(really should’ve paid attention to where the light was hitting her……)

Hopefully next year, I will be able to say I’ve grown even more. To have even more before/afters to share. As I want to continue growing, learning. If not improving at least learning new techniques. So, I can continue to provide high quality photography to all my clients…..even if I am not the most expensive photographer out there.

Thank you all!