{Time to Breathe…..} | Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

Life is busy. There’s no doubt, every year it gets busier. Lately with all we have had going on I had felt like I had no time with my family. Sure, during the day I had time with my girls (when I wasn’t sneaking in work like we all  know I do), but when my hubby would get home I would work. At night, I would work. On weekends, you guessed it, work. So, every now & then I can tell when my fuse is extra low & I need a break. Time to breathe, enjoy life. Enjoy the many blessings God has given me & not focus on the other things. Yes, I love my job. It’s true. But it’s hard. This is not a “take a couple photos 3 times a week for an hour, then edit an hour & done. 6 hours a week of work, like magic.” I easily work 40-60 hours a week.  Sounds crazy, but with editing, sessions, scheduling, brainstorming, making or buying props & all the marketing involved I work. Alot. Last Friday & Saturday we had family time. Sure I still edited a little, but nothing like normal. It was wonderful. Relaxing & just what I needed. So, here’s a few photo snapshots of our family adventures.   Of course, now we are planning our next adventure…….It’s a Beautiful Life. Soak it up.



P.S. Most of these photos are SOOC. I try not to edit my girls photos unless I plan to print for display in my home. Basically, I try & be a “normal” mom, lol. That being said, I hate when photos are too dark & I tried a new technique in direct sun shots that I do not quite have the hang of yet. We have something to learn right?

Lake City Family Photographer


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